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SLF Wrocław (The Swedish Medical Association - Wrocław) is working to promote the career interests of Swedish WMU students and graduates. The association helps to integrate the students with the Swedish medical job market by finding internships and residencies.

SLF Wrocław also arranges many interesting lectures and workshops focusing on teaching practical skills, information about Swedish medical practice and medical cases.

SLF Wrocław frequently arranges suturing events, ECG courses, bowling tournaments and other events throughout the year, and these events are open to all students.

Starting this year, SLF Wrocław will also acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the faculty of Medicine by awarding a “Teacher of the year - prize” to the teacher who best exemplifies the excellence in teaching, as voted by the students. SLF Wrocław will make this an annual event.

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ANSA er en studentorganisjon for norske studenter i utlandet. Vårt lokallag ANSA Wroclaw tilbyr både sosiale og faglige arrangementer. Utdannligsveiledning og psykisk støtte er tilgjengelig for de som trenger det. Bli med i ANSA-familien vår

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The Emergency Medicine International Students’ Association (EMISA) is an organization for students, by students, that are interested in Emergency Medicine. We aim to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills for students who wish to learn more in the field. We also provide on-call shifts at the University Hospital on Borowska Street (Uniwersytecki Szptital Kliniczny), where students can take their knowledge and put it into practice at the Emergency Department.

Not only is this an organization to teach and learn, but it also offers opportunities for research. Students will have the opportunity to start a research project, and be able to present what they have concluded in conferences. There is one conference that our University hosts every year in Karpacz called the Winter Conference of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Students from this organization can help organize the conference, and also take part in it as well.

EMISA is for any student who is interested in Emergency Medicine as their field of choice, or wants to know what Emergency Medicine is about. We recommend students from 3rd year and above to join since it is important to have some clinical skills (i.e.: taking a physical examination, a full history), but all are welcome. We meet once every month in the evening. All info about when and where our next meeting is, and also other info, is posted on our Facebook group (see link HERE)

We look forward to seeing you there!