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Note : all candidates can apply directly at the Wroclaw Medical University or can apply via our partners. It depends on the decision and will of candidate (it refers to all countries/partners) . Please remember that we cannot take responsibility for information which are not approved by Wroclaw Medical University (including the agreement between candidate and recruitment company), especially if the information come from companies which are not our partners.
Dear Candidates, since there are rumors, that one of our partner in Germany is company called Studimed, we must definitely state, that it is false information. Wroclaw Medical University do not cooperate with this company.

Dear Candidates.

We would like to inform that the Wroclaw Medical University has suspended collaboration with German Students Office (GSO). All German, Austrian and Swiss candidates are asked to apply directly to the University or via our German partner - MediStart

List of our exclusive partners is available below :
Contact for candidates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
All German, Austrian and Swiss candidates who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University may contact our German partner.
Company : MediStart | Medizin-Studienplaetze ohne NC & Wartezeit
Name :       Mr Adrian Kaiser, MediStart-Studienplatzberater/Academic Advisor
FreeCall-Hotline in Germany: 0800-7070410
Phone:      +494041343660
Fax:           +494041343661
E mail :       info@medistart.de
Website:    www.medistart.de