Recruitment requirements are outlined in the Resolution of the Senate of the Wroclaw Medical University No. 1658 of 25.05.2016, App. 6 "Conditions and Procedure of Recruitment for Studies in English Language for Polish and Foreign Citizens (English)" , Polish version. English version.

Admission Calendar for academic year 2017/2018 may be found here : Polish version, English version. Please read it carefully, because in the calendar can be found important information regarding admission procedure.
Attention! We would like to inform that the opening of the Online Registration System is predicted on 25th March.

Dear Candidates, we would like to present list of candidates, who applied for studies for academic year 2017/2018, according to IRK ID number:
List of accepted candidates
Waiting list
List of candidates who have not been accepted

The date of the first meeting of Recruitment Board has been postponed to 26th May.

Dear Candidates,
we are very pleased that you are interested in studying at our Wroclaw Medical University. Please learn more information about recruitment process below :

According to our recruitment procedure there are no entrance exams or interviews at the Wroclaw Medical University. We have an open competition of grades. The results of the following subjects must be presented on your High School Diploma: Chemistry, Biology – mandatory, and Physics or Mathematics – one of them. This will be checked during the enrolment procedures. Candidates will be chosen by an open competition on the basis of grades on the high school certificate (transcript of grades). Please note that the High School Diploma has to entitle the candidate to study at university level in the country of the candidate’s origin where the diploma has been issued.

How to apply for admission to Wroclaw Medical University?
All candidates applying for a place in the University are asked to register in Online Registration System (IRK). Link to the IRK System is going to be available on our website since 25th March 2017. All candidates are obliged to pay recruitment fee in first stage of recruitment procedure. The recruitment fee is 85 PLN and will be generated by Online system in candidates' profiles.

There are two stages of recruitment procedure:
Stage 1 : Online registration – application for all candidates. Starts on 25th March 2017.
Stage 2 : Submitting of originals of documents, payments of tuition fee – it applies only to candidates who have been accepted after Stage 1.

What documents (scans) are required during Stage 1 procedure?

  1. High School Diploma with transcript of grades - which qualifies a candidate to undertake higher education studies at university level in the country of issue. Translation into Polish or English is required.
  2. English Language Certificate - if your mother language is not English, e.g. IELTS, TOEFL.
  3. Copy of passport or another personal ID
  4. Health Certificate – stating that the candidate is in good condition to start medical studies. Filled and signed by a doctor. See : required forms below.
  5. Application Form – signed by the candidate. See : required forms below.

English Language Certificates

  1. IB Diploma is equivalent to proficiency of the English Language
  2. Countries where official language is English: not applicable

Full information regarding English language certificates may be found HERE.

In the Stage One the candidates must create an account in the System. After successful creation, they upload scans of the documents mentioned above. Please pay recruitment fee (85 PLN) in that moment. Those scans will be considered by the Admission Board. If the candidate is qualified to admission by the Admission Board, the candidate is informed via Online system, as well as by email, informing on the approval to the Stage Two. All candidates may check it in their profiles.In this moment the Online system will generate in profile of candidates who has been qualified to admission the Agreement on payment. All of them must sign the Agreement, and send scan (pdf) to email : . All the candidates who has been qualified to admission must pay tuition fee in proper time which depends on the date of creating of the agreement in profile of each candidate and can be found in the agreement.
The deadline for online application is July 23rd 2017.
Attention:   Applications submitted after the deadline or incomplete will not be considered by the Admission Board!
Stage Two applies to candidates who have been accepted by the Admission Board. In Stage Two you just have to submit the originals of the required documents and pay the tuition fee. The list of required originals of documents will be sent to you immediately after your acceptance by the Admission Board (Stage 1). For all accepted candidates the University assigns/prepares their individual bank accounts. So please try not to to use the general bank account number of the University.
Deadline for the originals of documents and bank confirmation of payment (of tuition fee) is August 31st 2017!

List of the ORIGINALS of documents, which must be submitted to Wroclaw Medical University (only for accepted candidates)  :

  1. HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND TRANSCRIPT OF GRADES (if not included on the Diploma) –  must be translated into Polish language.  The original of High School Diploma (in your language of origin) must be legalized or provided with an APOSTILLE in the country of student`s origin (depending on country). The Polish translation has to be done by a sworn translator. Please learn more about apostille HERE. Please also learn more about legalization of documents HERE.
  2. CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY - a document which certifies that the diploma authorises to undertake higher education studies in compliance with the valid regulation of the issuing state, if applicable;
  3. APPLICATION FORM – filled in and signed by the candidate (including personal questionnaire) for admission to studies, stating the chosen field of studies.
  4. ENGLISH LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE – that proves a good command of both written and spoken English (e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS), must be certified according to the Regulation of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 16th December 2009 on the qualification procedures in civil services in case when English language is not a mother language of the candidate. Documents confirming language proficiency are listed in Appendix 1.
  5. HEALTH CERTIFICATE - filled and signed by a doctor
  6. TWO (2) RECENT PASSPORT PHOTOS (on paper) – passport size (35x45 mm) signed on the back, the same as the photograph uploaded to the IRK
  7. HEPATITIS B  –  confirmation of vaccination against it.
  8. INSURANCE POLICY –  in case of illness or accidents covering the whole period of studies in Poland or  European Card of Health Insurance, or declaration of obtaining an insurance policy from the National Health Fund immediately after the beginning of studies,
  9. VISA – a valid resident visa or Temporary Stay Card which entitles to stay on the territory of the Polish Republic. EU citizens can apply for Temporary Stay Card in Poland, during the first two months in Poland.
  10. PROOF OF PAYMENT – all candidates have their own individual bank account number created by the Online Registration System and listed in the Decision and in the Agreement. The payment must be done onto this individual account. Do not forget to write ED or English Division as well as your full name on your bank money order.

REMEMBER ! The deadline for submission of the documents is on August 31st 2017 .

Number of available places for the first year students: 150

Download application form for Medicine
Download  health certificate for Medicine

Successful candidates may wish to apply for a place in a student's dorm. See accommodation in left menu.

Legalization (authentication) of documents :
Please note that the procedure is different depending on country of origin.
See more : Recognition of foreign school certificates and diplomas in Poland

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Recruitment requirements are outlined in the Resolution of the Senate of the Wroclaw Medical University No. 1763 of 26.04.2017, App. 6 " Recruitment requirements and procedure for the 1st year of the long cycle full-time program, conducted in the English language at the Wroclaw Medical University, in the Academic Year 2018/2019 in the majors of Medicine and Dentistry" , Polish version. English version.