Start of the enrollment 2020.

Dear candidates for the 1st year of studies.
We would like to inform that the Online Registration system will be open this Monday, 24th February 2020. Deadline for application is 5th July 2020. Remember that if you want to start your application, you have to create an account first.
Here is link to the Online Registration System.
Good luck !!!


Dear Students,

We would like to inform you, that the tests for COVID-19 for people, who will start internship from 6th of July 2020 will be held on Saturday (4th of July 2020) in Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny (Borowska 213).
The exact time of COVID-19 test will be announced soon. The Students will be informed by phone or e-mail by Department of Student Affairs. Please check university e-mail regularly.

Kind regards,
ED staff


Dear students.
Swabs for COVID-19 are taken on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Dear students,
Due to numerous questions, I kindly inform you that, according to the knowledge gained, we direct students to smears from which institutions they go on internship to which they require certificates of COVID-19 results, and students cannot do such tests on their own. We do not direct all students to smears. We also do not reimburse students for smears taken privately.


Dear Students,

Due to the epidemiological situation, the enrolment for the internship will take place through the representants of the year. Persons who do not manage to enroll or do their own internships during holidays, according to the order of the Rector 118/XV R/2020, may do internships until the end of the summer semester 2020/2021, at the latest by 30 June 2021.

Rectors' letter

Dear students.
Acting Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University prof. Piotr Ponikowski and Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs prof. Piotr Dziegiel published a letter to the students of the University. They emphasize that mutual respect is the basis for the functioning of the academic community. Please find it HERE.
ED staff

"UMED" email box

Dear students,
we would like to remind you that using of the corporate - university email is mandatory. Information concerning distance learning and examination are sent by your teachers only to this "umed" address. If you don't check out your "umed" email box it may results serious problems e.g. failed exam.
Best regards, ED staff

SONA survey in nutshell

Dear Students.
Please learn more information concerning SONA survey HERE.
Best regards, ED staff

Polish language oral exam- 2nd year students

Dear students,

I would like to inform you that the Polish language oral exam will be held on the 15th, 22nd, and the 29th of June on the BBB platform from 11:00am.

You can sign up for the day that suits you best.

As you know, the exam consists of 6 topics, and you will present on one that will be randomly chosen.I will give you the result right after your presentation. Do zobaczenia.

Best Regards,

Edyta Murawska-Klamut




Infectious Diseases exam

Dear students,
We would like to inform that Infectious Diseases exam will be held
today 18th June 2020 at 6.00 pm. Test consists of 90 questions, one
answer is correct in each question. You will have 1 minute for each
All students who passed all assigements will receive today
(15 minutes before exam: 17:45 pm. link and password for final test). If
student failed assigments, he must contact us by e-mail.
Best regards, Department of Infectious Diseases, Liver Diseases and Acquired Immune Deficiences