3rd Year Dentistry Students and Students retaking Pharmacology exam

The exam in Pharmacology for Dentistry Students starts on 28th of June as soon as possible after the exam for Medical groups and Dentistry Students are asked to be not later than 10:30 in the Department of Pharmacology.

In the attachment the regulation of the exam - please print, sign and return on 28th. Please note that to minimize the amount of paper one page contains declaration for two Students. The regulation must be signed by all Students (also those who took the exam in preterm).

English Division in the University Newspaper

The June edition of the University Newspaper celebrates the 15th anniversary of English Division and features interviews with ED students, who share their thoughts on the town and the university.

3rd year ED Dentistry Students

Dear Students,

    colloquiuum in Prosthodontics will take place on Thursday 7th June at 9:00 (not 8:00).

Dear 3rd year Dentistry Students and 4th year Dentistry Students retaking the exam in Pharmacology

I confirm the term of the earlier (voluntary) exam in Pharmacology on 25th of May (Friday). The exam will be at 7:30 in the Department of Pharmacology.
All Students are asked to have ID card. The exam is in a form of 100 multiple choice questions.

For Students with average from theory at least 4.0 it is zero term of the exam for Students with lover average it is a first term of the exam.

Best wishes
Anna Merwid

Rector's days 14th and 15th May 2018

Dear Students,
     following the students request the Rector announced 14th and 15th May (Monday and Tuesday) Rector's days free of classes to enable the students to take part in Juvenalia 2018.

Attention! Exam in Preclinical Dentistry for 2nd year Students

Dear Students,

    information about dates and places regarding the exam in preclinical dentistry, concerning also transfer students can be found HERE

Attention! 5th year English Division students

Dear Students,

  1st term exam in Orthodontics will take place on 12th and 13th June 2018

Record book for summer apprenticeship

Student 1st to 4th year

     In order to complete a summer apprenticeship each student is obliged to fill the record book and obtain a confirmation from apprenticeship supervisor. New record books are ready to be collected in ED Office, so the students are invited to come and pick them up.

Interdisciplinary Summer School for German-speaking students

Dear Students,

we would like to inform about new oportunity for our students - Interdisciplinary Summer School for German-speaking students, which will take place on August 15-29, 2018 in Rostock. More info here.

ED Staff

Happy Easter!

Dear Students, we would like to wish You a great and Happy Easter!
ED Staff