Letter of the Vice-Rector

Dear Students,
we would like to encourage you to read the letter of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Prof. Agnieszka Piwowar. HERE is the link
Best regards, ED Staff

Last days of application for studies!

Dear Applicants for the medical faculty and dentistry faculty.
We would like to remind you that the application deadline is 9th July 2021. Until that date, you must register in the online system, attach the required documents and pay the recruitment fee (the date of receipt on the account counts). More information here : MEDICINE, DENTISTRY. Good luck!
Best regards, Recruitment office

Rectors' letter

Dear Students.
please read a very important letter from the Rectors of the University. HERE.
Best regards, ED Staff


Dear Medical and Dentistry Studens.
All English Division students vaccinated with 1st dose of AstraZeneca on 13th March 2021 are asked to come to the vaccination point at ul. Curie- Skłodowskiej 50/52 on Friday 28th May 2021 between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. You will be vaccinated with the 2nd dose.
Best regards, ED Staff

Rector's appeal - Be responsible and get vaccinated

Be responsible and get vaccinated

Starting 4th of May 2021, all students from Wroclaw universities, regardless of citizenship, will be able to register for vaccination against Covid-19 as part of the National Vaccination Program. Rectors of Wroclaw universities recommend: take advantage of this opportunity, because vaccinations are crucial to return to full-time classes.

Upcoming free AMEE webinars 

Don’t wait and sign up for upcoming free AMEE webinars! Detailed information and registration are available on the webpage:  https://amee.org/webinars/forthcoming-webinars

The last Covid vaccination date for WMU students!

Dear Students,
In response to students' requests, the vaccination coordinator at the Wroclaw Medical University - Amadeusz Kuźniarski agreed one more, last date for students of our University.

Easter greetings from the Rector of Wroclaw Medical University.

Easter greetings from the Rector of Wroclaw Medical University

Happy Easter everyone !

The AMEE 2021 Student Task Force - nabór kandydatów

Ruszył nabór kandydatów do Zespołu Studentów AMEE 2021 Student Task Force, którzy będę mieli okazję pomóc przy konferencji AMEE, jak i uczestniczyć w wirtualnym spotkaniu. Zgłoszenia można nadsyłać do organizatorów do 2 maja 2021.