Recruitment requirements are outlined in the Resolution of the Senate of the Wroclaw Medical University No. 1658 of 25.05.2016, App. 6 "Conditions and Procedure of Recruitment for Studies in English Language for Polish and Foreign Citizens (English)" , Polish version.


Recruitment requirements are outlined in the Resolution of the Senate of the Wroclaw Medical University No. 1536 of 27.05.2015, App. 4 "Conditions and Procedure of Recruitment for Studies in English Language for Polish and Foreign Citizens (English)" , Polish version.
Dear Candidates,
we are very pleased that You are interested in studying at our Wroclaw Medical University. Please learn more information about recruitment process below :

According our recruitment procedure in Wroclaw Medical University we don’t have any entrance exams. We have open competition of grades. The results of the following subjects must be presented on the High School Diploma : Chemistry, Biology – mandatory, and Physics or Mathematics - one of them. This will be checked during the enrolment procedures. Candidates will be chosen by an open competition on the basis of grades on the high school certificate (transcript of grades). Please note that the High School Diploma has to entitle its owner to apply for university studies at university level in the country of the candidate’s origin. The candidates must also submit: English Language Certificate (unles English is their mother language or it was the language of instruction in their high school). Candidates from Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway) may be released from this requirement. Health Certificate – filled and signed by a doctor.
Studies in English at the Faculty of Dentistry of the Wrocław Medical University are available for the candidates from abroad as well as for Polish citizens.

How to apply for admission in Wroclaw Medical University?

I. Traditional procedure

  In order to be admitted to the process of recruitment the applicant – candidate for the 1st year has to submit the following documents for the initial qualification:
1.  filled in application form (including personal questionnaire) for admission to studies, stating the chosen field of studies,
2. a high school certificate and transcript of grades (if not included on the certificate), in English language or with a translation into Polish. These documents must be legalized or provided with  apostille (depending on the country). In exceptional cases copies can be accepted but they have to be confirmed for authenticity by a notary office in the country of student`s origin,
3. a copy of passport/personal identity document ,
4. four (4) recent passport photographs passport size (35x45 mm) signed on the back ,
5. a copy of certificate that proves a good command of both written and spoken English (e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS),  according to the Regulation of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 16 December 2009 on the qualification procedures in civil services in case when English language is not a mother language of the candidate (for example IELTS - above 6,0). Full text of the Regulation (in Polish language) can be found  here
6. health certificate.
The documents have to be sent by traditional mail to the following address:

English Division
Faculty of Dentistry
Krakowska St. 26

Successful candidates may wish to apply for a place in a student's dorm. See accommodation in left menu. Go to Accommodation.
An application form is here

 Deadline for the application: 25 July each year for the following academic year

Information about the tuition fees and payments can be found here

II. Electronic registration (Attention:  on-line registration system will be activated in March 2017)

Please register in Online Registration System ( link to IRK is here ) :

Choose English language (British flag on the right site)
Create an account : register (on the left site)
Select recruitment : English Division recruitment
Fill in the required information, and then Save.
Check out your email box, the Online System will send you an information

Attention : Link to the Online Registration System (IRK) is available here : IRK


Now, please log into the Online Registration System :
Fill in basic information : “Personal details”, then Save.
Go to “Photography”, upload your picture (passport/ID photo).
Go to “Select the Major of Studies” : English Division - Dentistry ( English-Division Uniform, Full-Time, Masters) (English Division - Dentistry), then Save
Go to “Education”, fill in, and save.
Go to “Prints”. Here you can print out your Application Form, which you have to sign, scan and upload (as further). In “Prints” you will also find the Agreement, that you have to print out, sign and attach as the following point.
Go to “Attach documents”, and upload the following documents:

  • APPLICATION FORM - signed by a candidate,
  • COPY OF PASSPORT, or another personal ID,
  • HEALTH CERTIFICATE - filled and signed by a doctor (the form you will find on our website).

Now please make sure that all required documents are delivered (attached).
NOTE! The documents you upload (except personal photo) should be in pdf format, picture formats such as jpg, bmp are not preferred.
Now you have to wait for a decision of  the  Recruitment Committee, good luck!

Download application form for Dentistry

health certificate

Applications for the Faculty of Dentistry should also be sent to:

  • Traditional mail:
    Faculty of Dentistry - English Division
    Krakowska 26
    Pl - 50-425 Wroclaw
  • e-mail:
  • Jan Wojna, M Sc
    Phone: +48 71 784 06 58


     Attention:   The applications submitted after the deadline or incomplete will not be considered by the Recruitment Commission!

  Limit of available places for the Faculty of of Dentistry is 30 students.
  Additional documents which have to be submitted until 31st August, before the beginning of the academic year:
- confirmation of vaccination against Hepatitis B,
- insurance policy for the case of illness or accidents covering the whole period of studies in Poland or  European Card of Health Insurance, or declaration of obtaining an insurance policy from the National Health Fund immediately after the beginning of studies, 
 - a valid resident visa or Temporary Stay Card which entitles to stay on the territory of the Polish Republic,


After successful admission the candidate will be obliged to submit the original high school diploma or its copy certified by a notary office in the country of student`s origin (however the original must be attached while submitting a copy for nostrification), legalized or provided with apostille ( in order to obtain an official recognition (so called "nostrification") of the high school diploma. This has to be done before the end of the first semester of studies. The procedure of nostrification with a list of required documents is described here.

Legalization (authentication) of documents :
Please note that the procedure is different depending on country of origin.
See more : Recognition of foreign school certificates and diplomas in Poland

Students holding IB or EB high school diplomas do not need to have apostille nor to undergo the procedure of nostrification  of their certificates described above.

Note : all candidates can apply directly to the Wroclaw Medical University or can apply via our partners.

Contact for German candidates :
All German candidates who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University can also contact our German partner.
Company : GSO German Students Office U.G.
Name :       GSO Team
Phone:      +49 (0)30 300 145 715 
E mail :

Contact for candidates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

All German, Austrian and Swiss candidates who are interested in applying for studies at Wroclaw Medical University can also contact our German partner.
Company : MediStart | Medizin-Studienplaetze ohne NC & Wartezeit
Name :       Mr Adrian Kaiser, MediStart-Studienplatzberater/Academic Advisor
FreeCall-Hotline in Germany: 0800-7070410
Phone:      +494041343660
Fax:           +494041343661
E mail :